An address of privilege. A home of unprecedented luxuries. This prime freehold development along Cairnhill Rise consists of 158 exclusive spacious units housed in 3 sleek towers that soar 20 storeys high and comes with full-fledged condominium facilities. And only a heartbeat away from this tranquil residence, the pulsating bustle of Orchard Road and other lavish conveniences await your every indulgence. The perfect abode that’s yours truly has arrived – The Vermont on Cairnhill.

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Simplicity is elegance. It is easy to appreciate the subtle nuances that make The Vermont On Cairnhill so appealing. Its sleek towers soar 20 storeys high to form elegant silhouettes against the skyline. The Vermont On Cairnhill is a design masterpiece in living and a contemporary expression of the urban lifestyle.

Inspired by the French term “verts monts” for green mountains, The Vermont On Cairnhill is a paradise of lush greenery and unique landscaping that rises upward to become part of the green facade. A resplendent triple-height waterfall is an awesome sight to behold, while its gentle cascades resonate like music to your ears.

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Posh dining venues, exclusive boutiques, designer labels — all the indulgences that you expect are well within your reach. With Orchard Road just minutes from your lavish home, this is the desired address to call home.


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